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shargeeth’s Gallery is an exclusive group of artists from kozhikode Kerala.we create portraits, caricatures, and other artworks according to the customers demand.Invented and lead by , Mr. shargeeth from calicut who was interested in drawing and this leads him to the creation of portraits. He finds happiness in drawing celebrities and presenting it to them . We present the portraits to the celebrities directly.Shargeeth’s gallery create portraits as well as mural painting , wall painting, story board for movies, wood carving, caricatures etc..we’ve worked behind the portraits in the blockbuster Malayalam movies ‘Usthad Hotel‘ and ‘Goodalochana


Pencil Drawing

The art of drawing without an eraser.

Portraits and Caricatures

The best portraits are those in which there is a slight mixture of caricature.

Fabric Painting

Style and reflection with painting.

Mural Painting

Metal Embossing

Emboss your new style.



Art service

Landscape Painting

Artistic Interior

Explore your interiors.


Logos and animations.

Fashion Store

Handles costume design , Also in Brand Name.




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